Streamripper 1.64.4 deb packages for Intrepid

I wanted Streamripper 1.64.4 for Intrepid so I made the deb package myself!

Streamripper is (obviously) a program that rips audio (radio) streams into files. It supports mp3 and ogg as output files. There are different third-party front-ends that you can use for those who needs a GUI (graphical user interface) and there is also a winamp add-on of the same name with customizable skins.

You can use it as a relay server when you rip your favorite station:

streamripper -r http://mystation/

And then connect to either one (depending on your player):



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gtypist (Gnu Typist) 2.8.3 deb for Ubuntu/Debian.

A new version of gtypist got released on February 18th. It is: gtypist 2.8.3.


gtypist (or Gnu Typist) is a terminal-based typing tutor which is quite well complete: it offers a lot of tutorials, starting from low skill level to more than intermediary, and plus it can be updated with new tutorials easily with their easy and intuitive scripting language.

If you just wish to improve your typing skill, this program is for you. There are several “difficulty” levels and different types of tutorials (mixed letters, phrases, …), and there are also tutorials for other languages (English, French, Czech, German, Finnish and Spanish). Dvorak Keyboard is also supported for English.

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Artha 0.8.0 (thesaurus) .deb package for Ubuntu Intrepid

Yesterday I looked at to look for GPL’ed software I didn’t know of, and I found amongst others: Artha 0.8.0 .
(see at the bottom of this post for a screenshot).

Artha is a quite powerful thesaurus for Linux and Gnome. It uses GTK+ and is written in C using Glib, and built using Autotools. This is a well-packaged software, very clean code source and powerful. A very neat app to test out!

It is a handy GUI thesaurus that focuses on high usability, without trading off simplicity and ease of use.

Here are some of the features it contains (from official website):

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.vimrc for developers: syntax coloring, indent, mouse, paste

I’m posting here the .vimrc I use for both my desktop computer and my server. It works through SSH too!
It gives the following features to vim:

  • Syntax coloring
  • Dark background every time
  • Highlight search
  • Case insensitive search
  • Autoindent
  • Mouse support (for selecting text, moving cursor)
  • Safe Pasting (Push F2 to activate/deactivate)
  • Always shows current line number

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How to compile and install Wine safely as a separate user

Have you ever thought about a Windows virus being run under Linux using Wine? Well, there’s a chance this happens and you probably don’t want to risk it!

In this tutorial, you will see how to compile and install wine as another/separate user and only that user can run Wine. So, YOU choose when wine should be running, this avoids viruses being run by other applications without your permission. Of course, this is not “bullet-proof” but this is one more security.
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Changed to WordPress!

We just changed to WordPress. Joomla was getting a bit old and cranky and WordPress is a light alternative that deserves a try. And with that change, we thought why not try a new design!

Most of the old URLs will be 301-redirected to the new URLs.