Artha 0.8.0 (thesaurus) .deb package for Ubuntu Intrepid

Yesterday I looked at to look for GPL’ed software I didn’t know of, and I found amongst others: Artha 0.8.0 .
(see at the bottom of this post for a screenshot).

Artha is a quite powerful thesaurus for Linux and Gnome. It uses GTK+ and is written in C using Glib, and built using Autotools. This is a well-packaged software, very clean code source and powerful. A very neat app to test out!

It is a handy GUI thesaurus that focuses on high usability, without trading off simplicity and ease of use.

Here are some of the features it contains (from official website):


  • Artha harnesses the extensive & in-depth database provided by WordNet so it works completely off-line.
  • When you press a pre-set hot key, after selecting some text on any window, Artha pops up with the selection’s definitions looked-up.
  • Artha can show passive notifications instead of the application’s window popping up, so that you can continue what you were doing, uninterrupted.
  • When a misspelled word is queried for, Artha gives you its near-match suggestions.
  • Relative words like synonyms, antonyms, etc. that are displayed are many. You might not know to which sense/definition of a word does a relative map to. In Artha, when you select a relative, its corresponding definition is scrolled to and highlighted for easy comprehension.
  • For a given word, Artha can show many related words: Synonyms, Antonyms, Derivatives, Pertainyms (Related Noun/Verb), Attributes, Similar Terms, Domain Terms, Entails (what verb entails doing), Causes (what a verb causes to), Hypernyms (is a kind of), Hyponyms (kinds), Holonyms (is a part of) and Meronyms (parts).

Official website:


You can find the packages from my PPA on launchpad:

Otherwise you can quickly download the deb packages for Intrepid from here:


Screenshot of Artha
Screenshot of Artha 0.8.0

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