gtypist (Gnu Typist) 2.8.3 deb for Ubuntu/Debian.

A new version of gtypist got released on February 18th. It is: gtypist 2.8.3.


gtypist (or Gnu Typist) is a terminal-based typing tutor which is quite well complete: it offers a lot of tutorials, starting from low skill level to more than intermediary, and plus it can be updated with new tutorials easily with their easy and intuitive scripting language.

If you just wish to improve your typing skill, this program is for you. There are several “difficulty” levels and different types of tutorials (mixed letters, phrases, …), and there are also tutorials for other languages (English, French, Czech, German, Finnish and Spanish). Dvorak Keyboard is also supported for English.



Download from my PPA:
Or you can download directly from here:



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