memory saving: Switching to Claws-Mail (with Gmail)

Evolution is a complete solution for mail, calendar, tasks, contact lists, but it uses a lot of resources, and I’m not using all of those features.
Last week I was looking at multiple mail clients (aka mail user agents). I was really interested in Claws-Mail, a fork of Sylpheed. It is very lightweight, and has a bunch of features, not as much as evolution, but it can compete pretty well.
Memory-wise, I switched from 30mb used by Evolution to ~14mb (maximum, but usually ~10mb) used by Claws-mail.


The only problem I was facing is setting it up with Gmail. Here’s how I figured it out after a couple days.
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Jamendo: Enjoy some (a lot of) Libre and Legal Music

After discovering which is an open alternative to, I found out about Jamendo.

Jamendo is a portal where artists can upload and share their music. The files/songs are available for gratis and libre download to the public (licensed under Creative Commons licenses). So you can download any files for your personal use, but for commercial use or derivative works, it depends on the album license, but you can easily see what the license is on the album page.

For example, you can see this album of Silence, called Encre. And on the right you’ll see Your rights on this album, and this tells you what you can or cannot do with this album. Pretty neat 🙂

[Script] irssi + ubuntu notify-osd (notification system)

I was on #ubuntu-fr trying to help people, and a person talked about irssi-notify script. It’s a irssi script written in perl, that when there is message with your name in it (even highlights should work too), a notification pops-up (using the ubuntu notification system).

That’s very helpful. Plus it says the channel! Here’s a screenshot:

irssi with ubuntu notification system

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