Easy Apache log statistics using Visitors

There are many Apache log analyzers that you can now choose from, but it can be long or confusing to install most of them. I wanted to try and find a simple log analyzer that just does its work using cronjobs. Visitors seems to fit the needs!
We’ll also use ip2host to resolve the IP addresses into domain names.
All of this will be run daily by a cronjob.

Screenshot of a report generated by Visitors
Screenshot of a report generated by Visitors

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Electro Collection #1 – An electro-flow of music


Here’s a collection of electro/electronica songs (as mp3) I like and that are free and libre. I’ll just call this collection “Electro Collection #1”!

I’ve picked these songs because they each contain a unique melody and they are easy to listen even for those who might think they don’t like electro music. Really, listen to the first three songs (though you should listen to them all) and see! I’m sure you’ll find one that you like!
They almost all have the same genres. Mostly, it is: Electro/Electronica, Dance, Experimental.

[mp3fp:http://weboide.codealpha.net/music/Electro Collection 1/01 – Ambient Voyager.mp3,01 – Ambient Voyager|http://weboide.codealpha.net/music/Electro Collection 1/02 – Jolie Micro Girl.mp3,02 – Jolie Micro Girl|http://weboide.codealpha.net/music/Electro Collection 1/03 – Wankash.mp3,03 – Wankash|http://weboide.codealpha.net/music/Electro Collection 1/04 – Struttin’.mp3,04 – Struttin’|http://weboide.codealpha.net/music/Electro Collection 1/05 – dub is dumb.mp3,05 – dub is dumb|http://weboide.codealpha.net/music/Electro Collection 1/06 – Chips dreams.mp3,06 – Chips dreams|http://weboide.codealpha.net/music/Electro Collection 1/07 – maska %26 goey.mp3,07 – maska %26 goey|http://weboide.codealpha.net/music/Electro Collection 1/08 – dry martini.mp3,08 – dry martini|http://weboide.codealpha.net/music/Electro Collection 1/09 – Flocon.mp3,09 – Flocon|http://weboide.codealpha.net/music/Electro Collection 1/10 – Sun System.mp3,10 – Sun System|http://weboide.codealpha.net/music/Electro Collection 1/11 – The sun is coming.mp3,11 – The sun is coming|http://weboide.codealpha.net/music/Electro Collection 1/12 – Inside the light.mp3,12 – Inside the light|http://weboide.codealpha.net/music/Electro Collection 1/13 – Plume.mp3,13 – Plume|http://weboide.codealpha.net/music/Electro Collection 1/14 – don’t be shad.mp3,14 – don’t be shad|http://weboide.codealpha.net/music/Electro Collection 1/15 – The Creature.mp3,15 – The Creature|http://weboide.codealpha.net/music/Electro Collection 1/16 – Emptiness.mp3,16 – Emptiness|http://weboide.codealpha.net/music/Electro Collection 1/17 – Pour Toi.mp3,17 – Pour Toi|http://weboide.codealpha.net/music/Electro Collection 1/18 – m%2B.mp3,18 – m%2B|http://weboide.codealpha.net/music/Electro Collection 1/19 – Le nettoyeur.mp3,19 – Le nettoyeur#w=400]

If I had to pick favorite ones among these, they would be (as unsorted list):
02 – Jolie Micro Girl
04 – Struttin
05 – dub is dumb
06 – Chips dreams
11 – The sun is coming
13 – Plume
14 – don’t be shad
17 – Pour toi

Note that this is not an album. Each song in this collection has its own copyright, copyright holder(s), and license. The songs are in their entirety in unmodified form and are seperate and independent works in themselves. See below for copyrights/licenses.


Tarball containing all the songs: electro-collection-1.tar.gz (~97Mb)
Download each song separately from:
HTTP: Here
FTP: Here or connect using a FTP client to codealpha.net on port 21 as anonymous.

Licenses and Copyrights

Licenses and copyrights are downloadable from here and are also listed below:
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