Review – Raspberry Pi 7 inch HDMI HD 1024 * 600 Touch Screen

This is a review for this product from Banggood: Raspberry Pi 7 inch HDMI HD 1024 * 600 Touch Screen Module Kit With Housing Bracket

This is a great screen and stand overall, I’m pleased with the final results, it works great with my Raspberry Pi 3 as a fancy alarm clock.
Now the big hassle was putting it all together and setting it all up. That took me a long time due to the fact there’s no documentation for putting together the mount neither for the lcd driver parts.
I’ve attached some pictures of mine in case this helps people building theirs.
Packaging was fine, a little “light” for shipping a screen but… I didn’t notice anything broken yet.

Some things I noticed and thought I’d share, this may be useful to future buyers:
– The touchscreen driver ribbon (small one) can be put in any direction, this will just swap X and Y on the touchscreen, if that is the case, just invert the ribbon again. No damage done.
– Also that touchscreen driver ribbon needs to be placed properly into the other connector. The connector is a bit too big and so the ribbon can be placed too much to the left/right, make sure it’s centered! Otherwise you’ll get no touch input.
– For me, the Raspberry Pi 3 (debian jessie) needed to be upgraded using “rpi-update” to get the proper drivers for the touchscreen to work and wifi too (yes, odd…)
– For those not familiar with hooking up a screen ribbon, the connector for the main ribbon has 2 little latches on each side that need to be pulled out a bit before putting the ribbon in, then push them back in.
– The screen just lays on the stand, it can easily be knocked out of place, by your cat, your kid, your wife or your servant. Personally I put some Velcro horizontally at the top to keep it stable. It is pretty steady now and can be removed easily.
– The touchscreen sensor is actually 5-10 pixels smaller than the screen itself, so yeah you can’t touch corners…. : (
– The touchscreen is resistive, so only one finger is detected, and it can feel “weird” or hard to touch properly if you’re used to capacitive (newer) touchscreens. Though with a stylus it works quite well.
– No need to install the given drivers for the touchscreen driver on the latest Debian Jessie, just make sure your ribbon is properly placed in the middle of the plug (see my other comment), and that you ran xinput_calibrator properly ( and saved your settings into /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/99-calibration.conf.
– The screen itself can be used with pretty much any device (as long as it can do vga, hdmi or composite video) you won’t get the touchscreen part but it can be nice to have that option.
– There’s no dedicated spot to place a Raspberry Pi, but there’s a bit of room in the back so I may stick it in there.
– Screen image quality is a little on the blurry side, but I was expecting that. At a distance it’s fine, but being a techie I’d hate to use that as a tablet. There’s some sharpness settings, but that doesn’t change much. Color temperature is fine by default. Not too blue/yellow.
– Screen back is a little dirty/stained. It’s quite barebone and not ready for a typical end-user. For geeks its fine.

Overall I’d say it’s pretty good for the price, the stand is nice and sturdy.






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  1. Hi

    I got one of these myself only I cant fathom out where the touch screen connector is on the lcd itself I haven’t seen the touch screen module as yet this is still on the way to me Would you mind sending me some more photo’s of this so that this becomes clearer I read your notes re swapping x, y co ordinates etc screen works fine but looking at your photo’s there appears to be two ribbons coming out of the main lcd screen the bigger of the two is the only one present on mine which interfaces to the main driver board

    Many thanks


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