Name-Based Virtual Hosts with SSL using Apache2 on Ubuntu Lucid

It has now been a few years (2007) that SNI (Server Name Indication) has been introduced/supported in OpenSSL 0.9.8, but it has only been just last year that SNI was fully supported in Apache2 with version 2.2.12 released in July 2009. Now we can really having
multiple virtual hosts with different certificates on the same IP address! No need to buy any more IP addresses!

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How to enable VNC (Vino) on Ubuntu (Gnome)

The way I’m going to describe is using the GDM autologin which can be UNSECURE if someone has physical access to the machine.

Activate autologin in gdm by editing /etc/gdm/custom.conf and add:



Then ssh as yourusername into the machine, and type this:

gconftool-2 --type list --list-type string --set /desktop/gnome/remote_access/authentication_methods '[vnc]'
gconftool-2 -s -t bool /desktop/gnome/remote_access/prompt_enabled false
gconftool-2 -s -t bool /desktop/gnome/remote_access/enabled true


Then try connecting to your machine using VNC.

Source: By Weboide in How do i install gnome on Debian and remote to it? []
This post is Licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5

Convert Video (avi) or Audio (mp3) to .3g2 for the Samsung Exclaim

The Samsung Exclaimâ„¢ requires the 3g2 format for its ringtones or even videos. This is a format that is optimized for 3G phones. Fortunately on Linux, FFmpeg is a very complete tool to work with audio and video formats and convert between them, and it can, of course, generate 3g2 files.

If you have compiled and installed the right packages (Medibuntu repository with the libaac support, for example), you can easily do one of these commands with ffmpeg:

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Colored Man Pages

You certainly know that manpages tend to be very long and boring to read , especially without any colors at all.

You can easily get colored manpages with just one copy&paste into your .bashrc!

Follow this link to Linuxtidbits’ post about “Less Colors For Manpages” and you’ll know how to make it happen!

Colored Manpage

Electro Collection #1 – An electro-flow of music


Here’s a collection of electro/electronica songs (as mp3) I like and that are free and libre. I’ll just call this collection “Electro Collection #1”!

I’ve picked these songs because they each contain a unique melody and they are easy to listen even for those who might think they don’t like electro music. Really, listen to the first three songs (though you should listen to them all) and see! I’m sure you’ll find one that you like!
They almost all have the same genres. Mostly, it is: Electro/Electronica, Dance, Experimental.

[mp3fp: Collection 1/01 – Ambient Voyager.mp3,01 – Ambient Voyager| Collection 1/02 – Jolie Micro Girl.mp3,02 – Jolie Micro Girl| Collection 1/03 – Wankash.mp3,03 – Wankash| Collection 1/04 – Struttin’.mp3,04 – Struttin’| Collection 1/05 – dub is dumb.mp3,05 – dub is dumb| Collection 1/06 – Chips dreams.mp3,06 – Chips dreams| Collection 1/07 – maska %26 goey.mp3,07 – maska %26 goey| Collection 1/08 – dry martini.mp3,08 – dry martini| Collection 1/09 – Flocon.mp3,09 – Flocon| Collection 1/10 – Sun System.mp3,10 – Sun System| Collection 1/11 – The sun is coming.mp3,11 – The sun is coming| Collection 1/12 – Inside the light.mp3,12 – Inside the light| Collection 1/13 – Plume.mp3,13 – Plume| Collection 1/14 – don’t be shad.mp3,14 – don’t be shad| Collection 1/15 – The Creature.mp3,15 – The Creature| Collection 1/16 – Emptiness.mp3,16 – Emptiness| Collection 1/17 – Pour Toi.mp3,17 – Pour Toi| Collection 1/18 – m%2B.mp3,18 – m%2B| Collection 1/19 – Le nettoyeur.mp3,19 – Le nettoyeur#w=400]

If I had to pick favorite ones among these, they would be (as unsorted list):
02 – Jolie Micro Girl
04 – Struttin
05 – dub is dumb
06 – Chips dreams
11 – The sun is coming
13 – Plume
14 – don’t be shad
17 – Pour toi

Note that this is not an album. Each song in this collection has its own copyright, copyright holder(s), and license. The songs are in their entirety in unmodified form and are seperate and independent works in themselves. See below for copyrights/licenses.


Tarball containing all the songs: electro-collection-1.tar.gz (~97Mb)
Download each song separately from:
HTTP: Here
FTP: Here or connect using a FTP client to on port 21 as anonymous.

Licenses and Copyrights

Licenses and copyrights are downloadable from here and are also listed below:
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[Ubuntu] Byobu: a very useful enhancement for GNU Screen

I’m now using Byobu (earlier known as screen-profiles, but changed to Byobu) everytime I ssh into one of my servers:

[local]$ ssh myserver
Last login: Thu Aug 13 11:03:58 2009 from ...
[remote]$ byobu -R


Byobu can be seen as a replacement for the “screen” command, though it is not really a replacement; It should be seen much like an addon or a plugin. It can also be used locally without ssh (I just find it useful with ssh). It shows very useful information (about the computer where screen/byobu is running) and acts just like screen, same commands (though it adds some more keybindings). See screenshot above.
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