memory saving: Switching to Claws-Mail (with Gmail)

Evolution is a complete solution for mail, calendar, tasks, contact lists, but it uses a lot of resources, and I’m not using all of those features.
Last week I was looking at multiple mail clients (aka mail user agents). I was really interested in Claws-Mail, a fork of Sylpheed. It is very lightweight, and has a bunch of features, not as much as evolution, but it can compete pretty well.
Memory-wise, I switched from 30mb used by Evolution to ~14mb (maximum, but usually ~10mb) used by Claws-mail.


The only problem I was facing is setting it up with Gmail. Here’s how I figured it out after a couple days.
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[Jaunty] Getting the Sound working on the HP Mini 1000 (or 1120NR)

Note that in Karmic Koala 9.10, the sound is working by default!

I had problems having any sound working on jaunty pre-releases (beta and release candidates). I have a HP Mini 1000 1120NR. This workaround should also work for other models.

This is related to this bug report. There is no official fixes yet.

Here’s my workaround:

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Jaunty lpia Installation for HP Mini 1000 SSD

This workaround was used because of a bug BUT it has been FIXED (#355376 and #354226).

DO NOT USE THIS POST unless you know what you are doing.

To install a CLI system on my hp mini 1000, I used the MID Live lpia iso, and when it gets into the graphical interface, I pushed ctrl+alt+f2 to switch to another TTY. And then I installed using cdebootstrap. This is quite an expert installation and it is very long and hard to do.

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How to compile and install Wine safely as a separate user

Have you ever thought about a Windows virus being run under Linux using Wine? Well, there’s a chance this happens and you probably don’t want to risk it!

In this tutorial, you will see how to compile and install wine as another/separate user and only that user can run Wine. So, YOU choose when wine should be running, this avoids viruses being run by other applications without your permission. Of course, this is not “bullet-proof” but this is one more security.
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How to remove grub error 22 using Windows XP CD

After removing linux or changing a few stuff about your disk partitions. Grub might become unhappy and give you an Error 22 when booting windows.

This is quite easy to fix if you have your windows XP CD.

  • Put your cd in, and reboot.
  • When asked, hit a key to boot from the cd-rom.
  • When you see the screen where it asks if you want to install, recover, or whatever, push R to recover/repair,
  • It should ask you what windows you want to recover/repair, usually hit 1 and Enter.
  • For the administrator password, if you don’t think you have one, just hit Enter
  • Then type “fixboot” and hit ENTER
  • Type “fixmbr” and hit ENTER
  • Type exit
  • Remove the CD