Colored Man Pages

You certainly know that manpages tend to be very long and boring to read , especially without any colors at all.

You can easily get colored manpages with just one copy&paste into your .bashrc!

Follow this link to Linuxtidbits’ post about “Less Colors For Manpages” and you’ll know how to make it happen!

Colored Manpage

Script to capture a screenshot (with Chromium) (Command-line)


I wanted to take screenshots of about 15 Websites, but didn’t want to install any plugins as I wouldn’t use them often. I saw a lot of how-to’s using import from Imagemagick but they capture the whole screen, not clearly what I was looking for.

Using chromium, xwininfo (from X) and import, I made this bash script which captures only the webpage. See below for the Source code.

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