inotify-tools 3.13 deb package for Ubuntu and Debian

inotify-tools is set of programs to help you monitor/watch files when they are created, modified, deleted, open for read/write, etc… and notifies you. Those tools can be very useful for admins or for developpers of bash scripts for example.

They are very easy to use and only needs a few libraries (only 2 I think!) to work.

I’ve packaged the new version 3.13 for Ubuntu and Debian.
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pexec 1.0rc6 – deb package for Ubuntu / Debian

Here’s the version 1.0rc6 for pexec. It’s a nice little command-line tool, here’s the description from the sourceforge page:

The program `pexec` executes parallely the given command or shell script on the local host or on remote hosts, while some of the execution parameters, namely the redirected standard input, output or error and environmental variables can be varied.

Here are the deb files for pexec 1.0rc6:

Or check out my ppa:

MusE 0.9 Deb package file (binaries) for Ubuntu and Debian

For those of you interested in having a .deb file for MusE-0.9. I packaged this version (0.9) of it on my PPA repository (personal package archive) on Launchpad.

Here are the Deb packages for MusE 0.9, direct links:

Or you can check out my PPA repository.

Here’s the description (taken from the package):
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