[Script] irssi + ubuntu notify-osd (notification system)

I was on #ubuntu-fr trying to help people, and a person talked about irssi-notify script. It’s a irssi script written in perl, that when there is message with your name in it (even highlights should work too), a notification pops-up (using the ubuntu notification system).

That’s very helpful. Plus it says the channel! Here’s a screenshot:

irssi with ubuntu notification system

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inotify-tools 3.13 deb package for Ubuntu and Debian

inotify-tools is set of programs to help you monitor/watch files when they are created, modified, deleted, open for read/write, etc… and notifies you. Those tools can be very useful for admins or for developpers of bash scripts for example.

They are very easy to use and only needs a few libraries (only 2 I think!) to work.

I’ve packaged the new version 3.13 for Ubuntu and Debian.
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